Caverna™ ST

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Why you should buy Caverna™ ST.

Discover a new way to make soft-touch parts with Caverna Soft Touch (ST). Like other materials in the Caverna family, it prints lightweight, microporous foam-like parts resembling a sponge. But this elastomeric material prints the softest fused filament fabrication (FFF) prints on the market for professional-grade applications—perfect for use in shoe parts, sporting goods, medical devices, automotive parts, and more.

A faster and flexible process.

You can now have the benefits of FFF when creating soft-touch parts: faster iteration, process flexibility, print fidelity, and the ability to setup several printers in a small space.





Material compatibility.

Caverna ST is compatible with polypropylene (PP) as well as AquaSys® GP and AquaSys® 120 water-soluble support materials.

Printing parameters.

Caverna ST filament is designed for use in FFF printers.

1.75 mm and 2.85 mm filaments.

Caverna ST is available in two sizes to meet your compatibility needs.

Print your way.

Caverna ST has been tested for use with AON3D and Ultimaker S5 printers. It has also worked successfully on a variety of additional printers.

Create complex designs.

Caverna PP’s compatibility with standard, nonporous polypropylene materials allows you to print structures with selectively soft and rigid areas.

Easy solubility.

Soluble components dissolve at temperatures of 60–80°C after being fully submerged for at least one day.