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About Infinite™ Material Solutions

Infinite has innovation in its DNA. Formed through a partnership of two groundbreaking companies, we’re dedicated to developing materials that others didn’t dream possible.
“Life is too short and resources too precious to waste time creating what’s already been created.”
Jeffrey Cernohous, Ph.D., Executive Advisor

Transforming additive manufacturing.

Infinite is an innovation house dedicated to creating unique, highly differentiated materials for the additive manufacturing industry. Our company is the joint venture of Nagase America, a leader in specialty material manufacturing, and Interfacial Consultants, a leader in developing material science-based technology platforms.


Our proprietary materials can be found in the simplest parts and the most complex solutions. They solve previously unsolvable problems across industries, from the far reaches of space to the soles of running shoes. Infinite products work with FFF and pellet-based extrusion printers — and this is just the beginning.

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Meet our leaders.

From our engineers to our researchers to our client managers, every one of us at Infinite is working toward finding unique solutions to challenging problems.


Our expertise is diverse, but we’re united in the goal of discovering practical uses for our industry-first materials. 

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