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Frequently asked questions

All orders can be placed on Amazon from our Caverna and AquaSys stores for U.S., Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, and Germany at this time. 

Yes, there are two ways to purchase in bulk.

  1. If you are a business customer on Amazon, you can purchase in Bulk up to 10 spools per order.
  2. If you have larger quantities you would like to purchase, or discuss a custom order, Contact Us to discuss your bulk order.
  • Yes. Please reach out to us here to discuss further.


Yes, however, you'll need to Contact Us to begin the order process.


  • Yes, we offer samples. Please fill out a Contact Us form and a member of our sales team will follow up.
  • All sample orders are final.
  • Each product’s Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) are available for download on the respective product page. You can also visit the Learn section for in-depth white papers on each Infinite product.
  • Please reach out to us through our Contact Us  page if you have a specific request for a printer profile. We have a lot of information herehere, and here to get you started.

  • AquaSys products adhere strongly to glass. We recommend printing with a raft because it sticks well. While our products are compatible with most popular adhesives on the market, we recommend first trying AquaSys without adhesives.
  • For Caverna products, we recommend using an AquaSys 120 raft or a build plate adhesive.

  • Contact Us and we can evaluate based on your setup.
  • Our materials strive to achieve broad compatibility on open-source printers. Please reach out to us at Contact Us for more specific recommendations. We’re happy to consult based on your individual needs.
  • Our products are water-only soluble. To learn more about how we challenge convention, visit the Why Infinite page.
  • Yes! We love to partner with people who are passionate about additive. Please reach out to us on our Contact Us form and we will start a conversation.
  • What aren't they good for? We’ve seen success with a range of additive applications. We could spend months writing down possible applications for our products and it wouldn’t be complete. We don’t want you to be constrained.
  • Yes. At Infinite we love to partner with you on your exciting additive projects. Please reach out to us on our Contact Us form and we will start a conversation.

Yes. We love to discuss additive with other innovators. You can tag us @InfiniteMaterialSolutions on LinkedIn.