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Build better production parts with additive manufacturing.

Maximize your part performance with best-in-class support materials from Infinite.
Consumer-market ready.
Consumer-market ready.
Look the part. Better adhesion from support materials like AquaSys® means a cleaner part, with fewer steps and less effort in post-production.
In-house applications.
In-house applications.
Be nimble, be quick. For lower-volume applications, additive manufacturing can offer striking improvements in cost and time versus other production technologies.
New products, new markets.
New products, new markets.
Additive manufacturing opens up opportunities. AquaSys 180 is compatible with the engineering thermoplastics used for automotive replacement parts.
Rapid production parts.
Rapid production parts.
Leave old technology like CNC and investment casting in the shop-floor dust. Produce tools and guides in hours, not weeks.

End-use products across industries

The clear acceleration in efficiency, ease of use, and material compatibility offered by AquaSys support material is helping expand the use of additive manufacturing for production parts across industries. More fundamentally, additive manufacturing enables an entirely new approach, freeing engineers to create new product categories using iterative designs and customization.


Creating new markets

Engineers seized the advantages of 3D printing for parts production in auto racing early on. Today, the automotive industry has expanded into using additive manufacturing of spare parts for vintage cars, creating an entirely new market. With old production methods for replacement parts either no longer available or cost-prohibitive, additive manufacturing has emerged as the perfect solution for carmakers and suppliers.

Thanks to its compatibility with the high-temperature engineering thermoplastics required in an engine compartment, support materials like AquaSys 180 have created new product possibilities.


New ways of working

Product designers often work within assumed limitations. The high cost of part changes for molds and casting pressures engineers and designers to adopt a conservative mindset. Now, the adoption of additive manufacturing for prototyping helps engineers refine designs, but when the end-part itself is created using additive manufacturing, there's a new virtuous cycle of iteration and improvement. What will you create using your newfound freedom? Work with us to define new horizons in your industry

Solutions for end-use parts production.

Infinite™ materials enable complex designs, expanded material compatibility, and a reduced time-to-part rate for users seeking the design freedom and flexibility of open printing systems. Learn how our support and build products can help solve your end-part design challenges.

Support Materials

Our AquaSys water-only soluble support filaments offer high-quality support, ease of use, and unmatched compatibility. 

Build Materials

Introducing Caverna™ PP, a polypropylene build material with a microporous morphology.