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Additive Manufacturing for Automotive

Realize better time-to-part performance using AquaSys® supports and Caverna™ build materials—all fully compatible with open AM systems.
Accelerate prototyping.
Accelerate prototyping.
Save time. AquaSys® offers the broadest compatibility, highest temperature stability, and ease of use of any support material on the market.
Improve jigs & fixtures.
Improve jigs & fixtures.
Create complex features thanks to superior print fidelity and water-soluble support.
Expedite assembly.
Expedite assembly.
Enjoy expanded design freedom. The AquaSys line offers greater AM printing material compatibility.
Accelerate market opportunities.
Accelerate market opportunities.
Work with our industry-first materials to create your industry first in automotive.
Automotive expertise.

Infinite™ works with leading automotive companies to improve productivity, expand material compatibility, and increase finished part performance. We invite you to work with us to leverage AM and meet your production design goals.

Automotive applications.

In addition to enabling efficiencies in well-established applications like jigs and fixtures and sacrificial cores, we’re innovating with materials like Caverna™. This build material offers unique, co-continuous microporous morphology that opens up new possibilities for the automotive industry.


Soft materials.


Discover potential in interior and exterior automotive parts with Caverna ST. Create soft-touch steering wheels, door panels, grips, shifter knobs and boots, step pads, and other interior automotive components. For outside the car, there is potential for lightweight structural components with desirable impact resistance and shock absorption.


Jigs & fixtures. 


Set new time-to-part records. Additive manufacturing has been widely adopted thanks to its value as an accelerator in product development. AquaSys builds on that progress by enabling incremental increases in efficiency and productivity that can have real impact in a tight, cost-control production environment.


End-use part production.


From one-off parts to customized components, replacement part specialists look to high temperature thermoplastics like PEEK for its resistance to smoking and burning. AquaSys 180 is the sole tap water-only soluble support material suitable for PEEK on the market.

Our products for automotive.

Infinite has pushed additive manufacturing forward by enabling more complex designs and an abbreviated time-to-part rate for users seeking the design freedom and flexibility of open printing systems. Learn how AquaSys and Caverna can help solve your automotive design challenges.

Support materials

Our water-only soluble support filaments offer high-quality support, ease of use, and unmatched compatibility.

Build materials

Discover our line of Caverna products, professional-grade build materials that print soft foam-like parts.