Caverna™ PP

Starting at: €110


Caverna™ PP

Starting at: €110

Caverna™ PP

Caverna PP (a polypropylene filament) has a water-soluble phase that dissolves to create a co-continuous microporous morphology.

Product advantages.

Caverna PP offers a unique microporous morphology, opening up a wide range of possible applications.
Caverna PP's highly uniform pore size and distribution provide outstanding print fidelity.
Water solubility.
Water solubility.
When placed in ordinary tap, Caverna PP's water-soluble phase dissolves to produce a co-continuous microporous foam-like structure.



Caverna PP technical information.

Caverna PP provides you with the design freedom to print structures with a co-continuous microporous morphology. The only one of its kind to offer a uniform pore size and distribution, it’s ideal for builds where consistency and fidelity are key.

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Co-continuous morphology: what it is, and why it matters.

By melt processing two polymers at near-equal parts, we’re able to create a filament with a co-continuous morphology — which is a consistent distribution of interconnected channels.

Caverna is a unique blend of two immiscible polymers: a soluble material to be removed through dissolution, and an insoluble build material to remain.

After dissolution, the water-soluble phase leaves behind a cave-like network of interconnected channels inside the build material, making it light, soft, and porous.

Disruptive benefits of Caverna PP.

Room for complex, creative builds.

Caverna PP gives you the freedom to design hollow, curved structures with a porous or filtering component where space can be challenging.

Print fidelity.

Throughout your 3D-printed piece, a uniformly distributed and sized microporous morphology is assured every time.

Water-only solubility.

When paired with AquaSys® 120, Caverna PP's water-soluble phase dissolves along with your support structures.

Varied composite capability.

If a polypropylene (PP) composite is ideal for your industry, Caverna PP offers optimum compatibility with traditional PP materials.

Innovated for automotive to medicine to aerospace – and everywhere in between.

The final structure of Caverna PP allows vapors to pass through while still holding water. Its resemblance to sponge, bone, or filter gives this unique build material an application in almost any industry. From the sole of a shoe to tissue scaffolds to high-tech filters, the uses for Caverna PP are only limited by your imagination.

Creative prototyping.

While PP is typically challenging to build with, Caverna PP is easy to work with, allowing you to experiment more freely — and print complex geometries when supported with AquaSys 120.


End-use products.

With a final structure that's spongy and flexible while maintaining a consistent pore pattern and size, the industrial opportunities for Caverna PP are wide-ranging.


Finish clean.

With AquaSys 120 as its support, Caverna PP doesn't require toxic finishing chemicals, making it ideal for manufacturing, medical, and educational uses — while also relieving the waste disposal burden for all users.