Jeff Cernohous, Ph.D., Executive Advisor


Every day, Dr. Jeff Cernohous pushes our company to challenge industry conventions. He ensures every product we create is worthy of his name—and ours.

Jeff’s expertise.

As a recognized leader in sustainable materials, additive manufacturing, advanced composites, and specialty additives, Jeff embodies the creative, disruptive vision that Infinite brings to additive manufacturing.


Jeff started his career at 3M, where he focused on developing and commercializing new materials with controlled molecular architectures. He left 3M in 2003 to found Interfacial Solutions (IFS) out of his garage. Over the next decade, Jeff grew IFS into a major force in innovative approaches to materials science and 3D printing.


After Stratasys acquired the company in 2014, Jeff moved on to found other enterprises, including Interfacial Consultants (IFC), which created novel materials and process technology platforms. Then, IFC entered a joint venture with Nagase in 2018 to form Infinite Material Solutions.


Altogether, Jeff’s innovations have led to over 50 product launches, and he's a named co-author on more than 50 scientific publications and more than 100 U.S. patents and patent applications. Outside of work, he likes to read, ski, and play with his grandkids.