Samantha "Sam" Dickenson, Advanced Applications Engineer

Sam has earned her stripes as a well-respected physicist — and she's also our Advanced Applications Engineer. She brings her vast scientific knowledge and expertise to research and development and customer support for both materials and printers. 

Samantha’s expertise.

Sam’s talent is transforming ideas and raw materials into new creations. She dives into the deep end of the additive manufacturing process, experimenting with new materials and optimizing printers, then developing model and support parameters. She offers her in-depth expertise to customers, helping them understand the full potential of Infinite products.


Sam began her career as a college intern at Interfacial Solutions. Next, she joined Stratasys as an Associate Characterization Engineer. She worked at the company for six years, eventually moving from lab work to 3D materials and printing. She joined Infinite in 2020.


Sam earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics with a minor in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Outside of work, she enjoys kayaking, horseback riding, and riding ATVs, but most of her time is spent keeping up with her active family.