3D Printing Build Materials

Caverna™ filaments introduce a new era in additive manufacturing with category-changing attributes: a water-soluble phase and a co-continuous microporous morphology.
80 °C
4 μm
245 °C
100 %

Build a new future with additive manufacturing.

Imagine printing porous structures that can be used as filters, tissue scaffolds, breathable printed wearables, sporting goods, medical devices, and more. The limits of what Caverna can do are set only by your imagination and ingenuity.

Soft material, firm results.

Porosity opens opportunities.

What sets Caverna apart from other build materials is a water-soluble phase with a perfect distribution and uniformly sized pores. From head to toe and the world around you, Caverna is there to protect and amplify. Here are just a few of its many applications.

Unlock new applications that require flexible, lightweight porous structures — from armrests to hand brakes. Learn More
Medical & Dental.
Medical & Dental.
Caverna opens up intriguing possibilities in applications like tissue scaffolds and biocompatible structures. Learn More
Create complex porous parts, such as advanced air filtration, for an industry that demands precision. Learn More
As a groundbreaking material, Caverna promotes creativity and exploration for students and researchers. Learn More

Is Caverna right for you?

Caverna ST

Professional-grade elastomeric material that prints with high fidelity the softest FFF prints on the market.

From $85

1.75mm or 2.85mm diameter


500g spool


Nozzle temperature: 220-250°C 

Build plate temperature: 50-70°C


Caverna ST is compatible with polypropylene (PP) as well as AquaSys® GP and AquaSys® 120 water-soluble support materials.


Caverna PP

A one-of-a-kind, polypropylene build material with a co-continuous microporous morphology.

From $110

1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter

500g spool


Chamber temperature: 20–50°C

Extruder temperature: 190–250°C

Build plate temperature: 95–125°C


Caverna PP is compatible with standard, non-porous polypropylene and it pairs perfectly with AquaSys® 120, enabling design freedom and easy support removal.



Caverna offers a new level of versatility other materials can't match.

  Caverna ST Caverna PP Metal Ceramic ABS PLA TPU
Jigs & fixtures        
Prostheses sockets    
Filtration applications    
Tissue scaffolds      
Artificial joints*      
Breathable wearables    
Custom insoles and shoes      
Helmet padding    
Soft automotive components    
Gaskets and seals    
Printable in both direct-drive and Bowden printers          **
Excellent print fidelity        

**Caverna PP has not yet been approved for medical implants.

**Only at 80A+ durometer.

For bulk orders of 15+ spools, please contact us.