Caverna™ ST

Caverna™ ST


Caverna™ ST

Caverna Soft Touch is a professional-grade elastomeric material that prints lightweight parts that are soft, spongy, springy, and pliable.

Product advantages.

Caverna ST creates light, breathable parts custom fit for comfortable footwear, wearables, sporting goods, and more.
Process efficiency.
Process efficiency.
As a material for both 1.75mm and 2.85mm FFF printers, Caverna ST accelerates the innovation process.
Caverna ST provides peace of mind with reliability and print fidelity for professional applications.



Caverna ST technical information.

Caverna ST creates a whole new way to make soft-touch parts, giving manufacturers the freedom to create design variations without retooling machinery or cutting new molds. Access the technical specifications and safety information that make it all possible.

Guides and data sheets

Disruptive benefits of Caverna ST.

A faster and more flexible process.

Caverna ST brings the benefits of FFF printing to soft-touch parts with faster iteration and process flexibility.

Professional soft-touch quality.

Utilize soft-touch reliability and print fidelity for your professional applications. It won't string, slump, bunch, or clog.

Material science at its finest.

When Caverna’s water-soluble phase dissolves, it leaves behind a cave-like structure that is light, soft, and porous.

Take advantage of our expert team.

Our application expertise and strategic insight are always on hand to help you find the design and production process that serves you.

Adding soft-touch performance to applications where flexibility and durability are key.

Caverna ST is a unique blend of two immiscible polymers: a soluble material to be removed through dissolution, and an insoluble build material that remains. After dissolution, a lattice pattern remains inside the build material, making it light, soft, and porous. This unique process has exciting potential in a variety of industries.



Create custom in-soles and mid-soles that provide optimal comfort and support. Whether you're making shoes for casual walkers or serious athletes, Caverna will help keep your customers' feet happy.


Accessories & Wearables

Combine function and fashion for the ultimate wearable experience with comfortable and stylish accessories and costumes that are both lightweight and durable.


Sporting Goods

Our material is perfect for creating helmets and other sporting gear that offer shock absorption and protection. From the football field to the ski slopes, Caverna ST provides safety and performance.



Elevate the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Create soft-touch steering wheels, door panels, grips, shifter knobs or boots, and other surfaces for the interior. For outside the car, make durable and lightweight exterior bumpers with desirable impact resistance.


Medical Devices

Use Caverna ST in medical devices that require comfort and functionality. Create prosthetics, orthotics, tissue engineering materials, soft tissue analogues and other medical applications where breathability is key.


General Manufacturing Aids

Caverna ST can produce soft and compliant bumpers and rollers, as well as non-marring guides, making it ideal for use in manufacturing equipment. These applications can help reduce wear and tear, improve precision and accuracy, and ultimately increase productivity and efficiency.