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3D Printing for Wearables

Print wearables that are comfortable, lightweight, and custom-fit thanks to the exciting potential of Caverna™ build materials.
Comfortable to the touch.
Comfortable to the touch.
Our line of materials allow you to create parts that are soft and foam-like.
Bend the rules.
Bend the rules.
Parts that are both flexible and breathable—perfect for any wearables application.
Reliability you can always trust.
Reliability you can always trust.
Create materials with professional-grade print fidelity.
Customize to individual customer needs using fused filament fabrication (FFF).
3D printed insole on a digital scale sitting on a wooden countertop, other tools are strewn about on the counter. This image depicts an environment where Caverna ST might be used.
Wearables expertise.

Infinite™ has a diverse wealth of additive manufacturing experience to help wearables experts achieve their goals. Start a conversation with us today to learn more.

Wearables applications.

When creating accessories for any part of the body you want the perfect combination of form, function, and fashion. Caverna PP and ST are build materials that bring these characteristics to cutting-edge manufacturing methods.


You’re covered head to toe.


From straps to cushioning, use our materials to elevate your smartwatch bands, hats, VR headsets, ski goggles, swim goggles, headphones, and more.


Customize hardness, softness, and flexibility.


Whether your wearable is designed for enduring the most perilous slopes or just casual use, tailor the hardness or softness of your wearables with our materials. Additionally, build in an inner structure to provide further flexibility to your function.


Low barrier to entry.


High-quality materials such as Caverna ST available on low-cost printers make soft touch filaments an attractive space for wearables investors to pursue.


Our products for wearables applications.

Caverna soft-touch filaments provide the reliability and print fidelity of professional applications to soft-touch filaments. Our materials designed for FFF allow your wearables applications to have a level of flexibility and customization they have never had before. Learn how Caverna can help solve your wearable challenges.

Build materials

Discover our line of Caverna filaments, professional-grade build materials that print soft foam-like parts.