AquaSys® 120

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AquaSys® 120

Starting at: $100

AquaSys® 120

AquaSys 120 is a premium, water-only soluble support material for fused filament fabrication (FFF) that is high-performance and dissolves faster than other materials.



Product advantages.

Environmentally conscious.
Environmentally conscious.
AquaSys 120 can be easily removed without any harsh chemicals.
Water-only solubility.
Water-only solubility.
AquaSys 120 dissolves in plain tap water.
Faster removal.
Faster removal.
AquaSys 120 dissolves 6X faster than a leading brand of PVA.
High thermal stability.
High thermal stability.
AquaSys 120 prints at chamber temperatures up to 120º C.



AquaSys 120 technical information.

Contributing to a safe and speedy time to completion, AquaSys 120 helps you generate more projects and builds than you may have thought possible. Access the technical data that enables that performance, and the safety information every user should have on hand.


Data sheets

What sets AquaSys 120 apart from the competition.

  AquaSys 120 Breakaway PVA/BVOH Chemical-soluble
Compatible with
engineering-grade build
Compatible with PEEK,
Requires minimal
Enables safe,
simple disposal
Stable at high
Dissolves in just
tap water*
Supports complex

*AquaSys 120 is 100% soluble, while AquaSys 180 contains approximately 20 wt% of an inert, non-hazardous, non-biodegradable component that should be collected and disposed of after dissolution. 

Disruptive benefits of AquaSys 120.

Print with a clean conscience.

AquaSys 120 is based, in significant part, on a naturally-occurring element that's rapidly mineralized in the environment. It's also safe to dispose of through most waste management platforms — but be sure to check your local regulations first.

Dramatically reduce post-processing.

Avoid the tedious, hands-on removal that risks breakage and abrasion by dissolving supports in plain tap water. Engineered to leave behind a smooth surface finish, AquaSys 120 can help you achieve greater print success, faster iteration, and fewer setbacks.

Get more done in less time.

AquaSys 120 filament dissolves 6X faster than a leading brand of PVA. That means engineers can spend less time sanding off breakaway material or handling harsh chemicals, and more time designing, building, and getting things done.

Enjoy unmatched thermal stability.

With a maximum build plate temperature of 120ºC, AquaSys 120 allows you to print at up to 70º higher than leading brands of PVA. This makes it a unique support solution for several build materials, including: ABS, PC/ABS, PC, ASA, Nylon (PA), CPE, CPE+, PET/G, TPU, PVDF, TPE, TPC, composite materials, and PP.

Suited for manufacturing to medical — and everywhere in between.

Dissolvable, hands-off support removal allows for complex design features, enabling new possibilities for everything from flightworthy plane parts to highly specific surgical molds.

Jigs & fixtures.

Replace traditional jig and fixture production methods with a smart, simple approach to FFF. Precision, specificity, and complexity are highly sought after and achievable with AquaSys 120.


Rapid prototyping.


Create and experiment with a broad range of materials and produce end-use parts with FFF — all without wasting time or risking damaged prototypes with breakaway support removal.


End-use products.


Compatible with commonly used plastics like ABS and PP, AquaSys 120 is uniquely suited to support the production of tough, functional parts.


Finish clean.


AquaSys 120 doesn't require toxic finishing chemicals, making it ideal for manufacturing, medical, and educational uses — while also relieving the waste disposal burden for all users.