5 Ways Infinite™ Materials Are The Best 3D Printing Filament

Foster innovation.

Creating something new requires a mindset that the impossible is always possible. Infinite fosters this unlimited design potential by creating new additive manufacturing materials that solve complex issues in prototyping and production. Across industries and applications, we specialize in design freedom – and helping our customers redefine what's possible for them.


Here are five ways our filaments beat the competition.

No. 1: Built to break barriers.

When you're driven by innovation, finding new ways to accomplish business goals is intrinsic to the mission. We engineer materials for the future, finding answers to  material science problems that stymied those that came before us. Creating products like the first PEEK-compatible water-soluble support filament is what we do, so you can expand on what you do.

No. 2: Category-leading technology and material compatibility.

We're removing barriers and freeing design decisions with a product family that offers end-to-end compatibility. Infinite products are designed for open-platform FDM systems to help create frictionless print environments with the widest range of options.

No. 3: Unhampered by conventional wisdom.

Our Innovation Center is run by chemists and engineers who develop new materials – and refine them until they achieve breakthrough results. Everything created in this space is engineered to defy assumptions and disrupt the status quo.

No. 4: Rapid production, redefined.

We're redefining what it means to be the best 3D printing filament. Our high-temperature water-soluble support filaments optimize your process by enabling easier, faster, and more efficient creation of prototypes, products, and designs.

No. 5: Industry-shaping partnerships.

Look at our partners and you’ll see a pattern. We work with like-minded, leading-edge original equipment manufacturers, printer manufacturers, and R&D departments around the globe, collaborating to create industry-leading solutions.