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Rapid prototyping with 3D printing

Adoption of additive manufacturing in rapid prototyping is growing due to its speed and flexibility. Build on those gains with Infinite™ support and build materials.
Broader applications.
Broader applications.
Spend less time fishing for the perfect filament. AquaSys® water-soluble supports are compatible with the widest range of build materials on the market today.
Better performance.
Better performance.
Take advantage of faster dissolution and superior adhesion to drive more efficient iterations and maximize part performance for every application.
Stronger parts.
Stronger parts.
Use water-only soluble support with ABS and engineering-grade thermoplastic materials, like PEKK and Ultem® (PEI). Design complex geometries and create parts with enhanced material properties.
Optimize efforts.
Optimize efforts.
Spur creativity in your engineering department and joy in accounting with better time-to-part performance driven by AquaSys water-soluble supports.

3D rapid prototyping across industries.

A complex aerospace engineering roadblock. The challenge of being first to market with an innovative wearable product. Both have this in common: rapid prototyping as a critical component to driving breakthrough successes. 


Ford Motor Company bought one of the first 3D printers made, recognizing the promise additive manufacturing held for accelerating prototyping. Now you can look everywhere, from automotive to zoology, and find someone seeking to solve a material performance problem using rapid prototyping.


Make impressive results look easy


Imagine it — Coming soon: Rapid Prototyping, the movie. We’ll spare you the plot and cut to the chase; virtually everyone’s a hero when the story of dramatic cost reduction, improved part performance, and reduced time-to-part gets told.  


Make it all look easy with AquaSys supports. These products were engineered to provide superior material properties, and that means less friction between your ideas and your next innovation.   

Lowering the barriers

If you're concerned about capital expenses or staffing requirements for rapid prototyping, don't worry. Open systems and the rise of independent additive manufacturing job shops have placed the advantages of 3D printing within easy reach.  


Easier access to great results is one reason we’re committed to developing products for open additive manufacturing systems. Our focus on material science means we make innovative products for innovators. Stop scheming and start building with materials that expand the idea of what's possible.

Solutions for rapid prototyping.

Infinite materials offer expanded material compatibility, fast dissolution, and enable complex designs utilizing engineering-grade thermoplastics. Learn how our support and build products can help solve your manufacturing challenges.

Support materials

Our AquaSys water-only soluble support filaments offer high-quality support, ease of use, and unmatched compatibility.  

Build materials

Caverna PP is a one-of-a-kind, polypropylene build material with a co-continuous microporous morphology.