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Breakthroughs in 3D Printing in Education and Research

We offer educators, students, and researchers easier-to-use innovative build and support materials that will spark imaginations.
Keep it clean.
Keep it clean.
AquaSys® water-soluble support provides a simple cleanup process — no harsh chemicals or tedious removal — when working with materials like ABS, PLA, and more.
Create fixtures faster.
Create fixtures faster.
Iterate faster, learn faster with tap water-only soluble support material offering up to 6X faster dissolution.
Choose a team player.
Choose a team player.
Broad compatibility and enhanced adhesion properties make AquaSys® the versatile, high-performing support choice.
Expand build horizons.
Expand build horizons.
Caverna™ PP is a new, unique build material with microporous morphology that opens up a wide range of possibilities for exploration.
Education & research expertise.

As an engineering and material science-led company, we share the mission of educators and researchers: to explore the possibilities offered by expanded material compatibility and develop new applications for innovative build materials. Let's work together to lay the foundation for what comes next. Learn more about additive manufacturing for education and research.

Education & research applications.

The benefits of of 3D printing in education can go further; make a compelling case for bringing Infinite materials into your lab or makerspace. Our 3D printing research drives innovations like support materials that offer broad compatibility, even in high-temperature environments. Promote creativity and usable solutions with industry-first build materials like Caverna PP.  


Imagination unfettered.  


A student creating their first STEM 3D print expects success, and instructors can increase those chances with a support material like AquaSys 120. Superior adhesion characteristics to materials that can be tricky to work with, like ABS or PLA, and cleanup requiring only tap water means fewer print failures and tidier classrooms.  


Pushing beyond boundaries.


Researchers seek large gains and design leaps over marginal improvements in efficiency or cost. Caverna — a co-continuous microporous foam build material that offers a uniquely uniform pore size and high fidelity prints — opens up intriguing opportunities in applications as diverse as tissue scaffolds and battery design.

Our products for education and research.

Infinite has pushed additive manufacturing forward in education and research by enabling greater design freedom and flexibility. Learn more about our innovative support and build materials. 

Support materials

Our water-only soluble support filaments offer high-quality support, ease of use, and unmatched compatibility. 

Build materials

Introducing Caverna™ PP, a polypropylene build material with a microporous morphology.