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Soluble core and sacrificial tooling with 3D printing

AquaSys® 180 offers superior compatibility and outstanding material characteristics for soluble core applications.
Create complex forms.
Create complex forms.
Create soluble core hollow forms with complex geometry and overhangs. Open up new options for composite production forms.
Realize faster time-to-part.
Realize faster time-to-part.
Produce tools using additive manufacturing in days — not months. Work even faster thanks to AquaSys® 180’s fast water-only dissolution.
Design for performance.
Design for performance.
AquaSys 180 is compatible with a wide range of materials requiring higher temperatures, like PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU.
Keep it clean.
Keep it clean.
Superior material adhesion means no wrinkles and smoother interior surfaces for carbon composite forms.

Pushing out the boundaries of what’s possible with FFF.

Freed from the constraints of traditional manufacturing technologies like CNC or injection molding, additive manufacturing enables designers and engineers to create complex interior features and optimize for part performance.   


Examples of design features like internal threading, interior suspension, and moving components using water-soluble supports are many and for users offer a compelling demonstration of how well AquaSys products perform for more demanding 3D print applications.  


Soluble cores are another application where AquaSys 180 shines. Complex geometries make the traditional approach, creating two halves via clamshell molds in an autoclave and combining them into the finished part, a time-consuming process. An AquaSys 180 soluble core sidesteps those steps entirely. 


Roaring successes


Soluble core use is widespread in auto racing and aerospace due to their ever-increasing engineering performance demands. An air intake manifold on a Formula 1 car, for example, can be optimized quickly, and that’s an application where a marginal improvement can result in a major win.  


Layering up innovations  


Soluble cores are widely used in many composite materials applications. If your production process features master molds, production fixtures, trim tools, or layup tools to create composite parts for either in-autoclave or out-of-autoclave processes, creating soluble cores using additive manufacturing can offer better part performance, and time and cost savings. 

Soluble core solutions.

Infinite™ materials enable complex designs, expanded material compatibility, and a reduced time-to-part rate for users seeking the design freedom and flexibility of open printing systems. Learn how our support and build products can help solve your end-part design challenges.

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Support Materials

Our AquaSys water-only soluble support filaments offer high-quality support, ease of use, and unmatched compatibility.