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Industries & Applications

3D Printing for Medical & Dental

We supply the high-quality 3d printing materials needed to create breakthroughs in medical research and products.
Expand build options.
Expand build options.
Create complex contiguous parts with PEEK and other high-performance, medically approved thermoplastics.
Faster fixtures.
Faster fixtures.
Use tap water-soluble support for faster production of custom jigs and fixtures, like instrument trays.
Explore new applications.
Explore new applications.
Create what's next with innovative build materials like Caverna™, which offers unique, precisely controlled pore diameters.
Guides and molds. 
Guides and molds. 
Realize fast and precise production of surgical guides and instrument molds.
Medical & dental expertise.

What's next in additive manufacturing? What are the use cases for 3D printing for dentistry? We're working with leaders in the medical and dental fields to explore the opportunities created by expanded material compatibility. Learn how we're developing industry-first materials that turn possibilities into realities.

Applications for 3D printing in medical.

The medical device industry has looked to additive manufacturing for improved efficiency and the ability to create highly customizable and complex shapes. Today, promising new applications like tissue scaffolding signal that the best is yet to come thanks to unique new build materials like Caverna™.  


Better care. 


Patient-specific anatomical models support surgical simulations, efficient team planning, and operational cost reductions. Now, quicker production times and more complex and accurate models are possible with AquaSys®.  


Disruptors on call.  


Tomorrow's innovators need products that remove boundaries. Will Caverna enable a new generation of biocompatible print materials? Will the increased compatibility offered by AquaSys supports help drive breakthrough surgical aids? The future is yours to invent. We want to collaborate to help you get there.

Our products for medical & dental.

Infinite has pushed additive manufacturing forward for medical and dental applications by enabling greater design freedom and flexibility. Learn more about our innovative support and build materials.

Support Materials

Our water-only soluble support filaments offer high-quality support, ease of use, and unmatched compatibility. 

Build Materials

Introducing Caverna™ PP, a polypropylene build material with a microporous morphology.