Caverna™ PP

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Why you should buy Caverna PP.

Caverna PP (a polypropylene filament) is engineered to print uniformly porous pieces that resemble a 3D-printed foam. It's the first product to launch in the family of Caverna build materials, which features a water-soluble phase that leaves behind a co-continuous microporous morphology.

High-temperature stability.

Caverna PP’s temperature range provides opportunities for industries where porous materials and complex geometries are essential, such as automotive and aerospace.









240–260˚C recommended

Material compatibility.

Caverna PP is compatible with standard nonporous polypropylene. It pairs perfectly with AquaSys® 120, enabling greater design freedom and easy support removal.

Printing Parameters.

Caverna PP is designed for use in professional-grade, industrial, and prosumer AM printers, such as the Ultimaker S5 and AON3D.

1.75 mm and 2.85 mm filaments.

Caverna PP is available in two sizes, designed for use in fused filament fabrication (FFF) printers.

Robust adhesion.

Caverna PP adheres to PEI build plates. It will also adhere to glass build plates, as long as you use an adhesive (such as a nano polymer adhesive) or a raft of AquaSys 120.

Game-changing versatility.

Caverna PP’s compatibility with standard, nonporous polypropylene materials allows you to print structures with selectively soft and rigid areas.

Easy solubility.

Soluble components dissolve at temperatures of 60–80°C after being fully submerged for at least one day.