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Posted on September 29, 2020

3DGBIRE are delighted to be exclusively distributing Aquasys® filaments across the UK and Ireland as part of the ever-growing industrial-standard material portfolio.

Aquasys® 120 is a temperature-resistant, water-soluble support material that will be available to purchase from Tuesday 29th September 2020 providing UK based 3D print technicians with a new and superior option for their support material selection.


“We are delighted to bring AquaSys 120 to the UK as part of an exciting and expanding filament portfolio. The world’s first tap water soluble support material that works with a wide variety of engineering thermoplastics, dissolves rapidly in tap water up to 6 times faster than PVA, and is stable up to 120 °C build chamber temperature. It delivers a ground-breaking support material solution which can help our customers make the impossible possible.” Leah Melling – Sales & Marketing manager 3DGBIRE.


AquaSys 120 is a newly patented composite material that meets the rigorous demands of advanced additive manufacturing applications. This product doesn’t just make 3D printing easier it makes it faster and more cost-effective. Traditional support filaments simply don’t provide the optimal support manufacturers need. Breakaway supports make producing complex structures difficult. That hinders creativity and makes post-production long and costly and water-soluble materials like PVA and BVOH may not require hands-on removal, but they can’t stand up to the temperatures required to support engineering-grade build materials.


AquaSys is part of Infinite Material Solutions (Infinite™) who have chosen 3DGBIRE as their UK distribution partner and join Kimya as the latest in an extensive collection of the most exciting new 3D printing filament brands.


3DGBIRE Ltd is the premium service & training provider for Additive Manufacturing For Industry within the UK and Ireland. By offering high-quality products and customer-focused service, sales and technical support, they ensure that all industries have the resources they need to unleash their creative potential while successfully integrating additive manufacturing into their entire business cycle.


Infinite Material Solutions, LLC is an innovation house, based in Wisconsin, USA, that is dedicated to solving previously unsolvable material science problems. They specialize in creating materials with unique properties that address untapped market needs. AquaSys 120 represents Infinite’s first fully realized solution, but the company has several new materials in various stages of development—including expansions to AquaSys product line—all of which they aim to make available to the UK market.