AquaSys named #2 highlight at Formnext 2019 by

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Posted on November 27, 2019 Gives AquaSys #2 Spot In Their Formnext 2019 Review

Joris Peels of, gives a review of Formnext 2019. His accurate review of the wild and hectic Formnext 2019 was wrapped around key highlights, which AquaSys120 earned the #2 spot on his list. 

At #2 ranking Peels states “Aquasys water-soluble support for ABS, PC and many other FDM materials. Support for FDM has sucked so far. Either it is breakaway which is painful to your hands and bottom line or its super nasty in terms of materials or it is PVA which sucks to work with. With a specialized support company developing support materials now the support situation could improve. Given the huge installed base of FDM systems this is a significant market.”


We thank all the attendees and the 3D printing market for their interest in our new product and the highlight from 


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