Disruptive 3D Printer Filament Start Up Launches

Larger-than-Life Times Square Ad
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Posted on December 2, 2020

Big news spreads fast. So it’s fitting that when Infinite™ announced the launch of AquaSys® 180 in early November, the fanfare made its way to Times Square. As New Yorkers passed the iconic intersection, they were greeted with the headline “Breakthrough Water-Soluble Support Material Enables Long-Awaited 3D Printing Capabilities.” Any passerby familiar with 3D printing would immediately learn: You may never have to work with breakaway support materials ever again.

As the world’s only water-soluble support that’s compatible with PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU, AquaSys 180 makes it more practical and cost-effective to print complex, contiguous structures using high-temperature build materials. This makes it ideal for applications within Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, and Manufacturing (Jigs & Fixtures) in which part quality, production speed, and design freedom are all critically important.


To share AquaSys 180’s benefits with a wider audience, Infinite is also teaming up with Titan Robotics—a leading manufacturer of large-format, pellet-extrusion 3D printers—for a collaborative webinar on December 3. Viewers will get a full picture of how faster print speeds and water-soluble supports can lead to a more efficient overall additive manufacturing process.


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